International Business Design Fair

The identity, designed for this exhibition by Argentine and Spanish studios, Franklin Vargas Studio and Valentin Garal, evokes the classic wooden joints used by the furniture industry.

Physical assemblies have evolved into enterprise unions between institutions, industry, designers, producers and distributors. Under the slogan "Assembling Design", the business-focused fair will be held in Mexico City during October. The target is composed by entrepreneurs and experts from the creative industries. Experts with a sophisticated lifestyle that seeks innovation and exclusiveness with financial responsibility. Salmon tones and greys are related to the financial press, in a sample of sobriety and elegance but with purposeful and edgy factor, just like in professional life. Fonts are editorial inspired, making the texts easier to read for a target used to visual communication. The graphic composition gives it a striking and constructivist nature. A look to the past in order to build the future.

International Business Design Fair
Architecture & Design
Franklin Vargas, Moisés Flores, Mariana Sentíes.